The Joy of Reading

The Joy of Reading

The Joy of Reading

I often try to describe the joy of reading a good book, but it cannot be really explained. You get lost in an imaginary world, you visualize characters and places in your head, the way they look, the places they live in. You worry about these characters, love/hate them, and you definitely learn from them. You may think it is like watching a movie, but no, it is totally different, and if you become a reader, you will totally understand why the book is always better then the movie/series.

My favorite reading genres are fiction, historical fiction & classics. And I can’t stand pdf books, because, to me nothing compares with holding a book in your hands and reading it while sipping a cup of coffee in your bed, on the beach, or anywhere, and then adding it proudly to your bookshelf.

Some of the Benefits of Reading

Reading can encourage life goals

Sometimes, a book can change your life, it can open your eyes to things you didn’t really think about before, it can help you change your life and become a better person.

Reading can improve mental health

The brain needs exercise, just like any other muscle in the body. And reading provides mental stimulation which keeps the brain active and healthy. It also improves the memory: when you are reading a big book, you have a lot of details to remember, details that affect the flow of the story, and with each new book, you find yourself capable of retaining more and more details because the brain is becoming stronger.

Reading can make you smarter

Your knowledge expands because of all the facts and information that you gather. Your vocabulary becomes richer because you are exposed to a lot of new words that you do not encounter in daily conversations or tv shows. Also, your focus, concentration, and analytical skills improve.

Reading can reduce stress

Even if for just a little while, when you are reading a book, you will forget about your own problems and get immersed in a different world. And sometimes, within the pages of a good book, you will get enlightened, and then try to solve your issues and reduce the stress that you live in.


Kinokuniya and reading


Kinokuniya and reading

Bookstores are my happy place, I can get lost there for hours if I don’t know what I am really searching for. And in Dubai, Kinokuniya is where you’ll find what you want.

From their website
“With its headquarter in Tokyo, Japan, and world class stores spread over countries like America, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Australia, Taiwan and now in DUBAI – UAE, Kinokuniya is a globally known book seller of repute.
The store in Dubai Mall is a massive 68,000 square feet wide paragon book gallery which stocks more than half a million books and thousand magazines in English, Arabic, Japanese, French, German and Chinese at any given time.
The Store is also a distinct cross-cultural hub wide range of time to time multicultural events such a comic art demonstrations, language learning workshops, book launches etc.
The pleasant ambiance, scenographic design and add to it the impressive view of modern skyline – world’s tallest building, Burj Khalifa, Kinokuniya at Dubai Mall is just the place to evoke emotions and add pleasure to your book shopping.”


I often find myself in a bookstore not knowing what to purchase, I do not like to pick up just any book and encounter the chance of being disappointed in it. That’s why I spend some time online, reading reviews and looking for things like “the 100 best books” or the “top 10 books of 2015”.
And that’s how I came across, which is the world’s largest site for readers and book recommendations. You create a profile, add the books you’ve read, and you get recommendations. You can also browse around and put books on the “to-read” list.

If you are a reader, I advise you to try out this website and see what it has to offer you.

From their website:
“A Few Things You Can Do On Goodreads
– See which books your friends are reading.
– Track the books you’re reading, have read, and want to read.
– Check out your personalized book recommendations. Our recommendation engine analyzes 20 billion data points to give suggestions tailored to your literary tastes.
– Find out if a book is a good fit for you from our community’s reviews.

What about you, are you a reader? If not, you are definitely missing out on one of the simple pleasures of life.

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